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Where’d that go? Losing Items on Amtrak Cascades Trains

I’ve had terrible luck lately and have managed to lose items both coming to and going from Bellevue for CSCW (ACM Conference on Computer supported cooperative work). On the way there, I lost the poster tube with the poster that I was presenting. On the way back, I lost a book. Fortunately I managed to find the poster in time but thus far I haven’t been able to locate the book.

One thing that Amtrak does not do is post the phone numbers for its stations on the web. Normally, I don’t tend to do personal posts like this one but I figured that Amtrak Station information for the Pacific Northwest might come in useful to someone some day and therefore have compiled a partial list of phone numbers for the major stations below.

Amtrak Cascades Train Stations in the Pacific NorthWest

Seattle King Street Station Baggage Claim: 206-382-4128
Seattle King Street Station Lost and Found (M-F only): 206-382-4713
Portland Union Station: 503-273-4871
Eugene-Springfield Station: 541-687-0972

Though the Lost-and-Found in Seattle was closed, I did reach the baggage claim about an hour and a half after I disembarked, gave them the train number and time, car number, and seat number, and they were able to retrieve the poster and hold it in the back for me to get it later that evening.

Also, the trains do tend to turn over quickly, and the route numbers change a lot, so try to call soon. In my experience calling though, they’ve been really nice in trying to actually locate your items – while writing this post I even got a call back from the Seattle station asking for details.

Now that said, since these numbers have been posted, you probably shouldn’t try to book tickets or ask general questions of the station. That’s best handled online or through their ticket agent anyway, which is reachable at Amtrak’s web site or through 1-800-872-7245.