In addition to research, I also dabble with music as a hobby. I do computer-based music and create songs with a primarily electronic flavour, but my taste and my style are eclectic and I experiment a lot. I compose using software, electronic hardware, and (occassionally) traditional instruments.


Daily Routine – Eurorack Jam Album

Daily Routine was my attempt to release one album as part of National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo). It features live jam performances on Eurorack synthesizer, Analog 4, and Linnstrument.

Live Performance @ The Hearing Room

One Hour Compo

For me, music is more of a habit of creation than it a way to produce completely finished works. I participate in One Hour Compo, a weekly music composition where the objective is to create a song in one hour each week. I’ve created over 600 songs each week for the past 10+ years. Note: This page takes time to load!

Weekly Music and Weekly Beats

Weekly Music and Weekly Beats are weekly music challenges. Weekly Music occurs on odd years and Weekly Beats occurs on even years. I use these to spend more time with production and learn new or different techniques.

Musical Sketches

I usually upload quick sketches or works in progress to SoundCloud


I compose primarily using Logic Pro X on the Mac.

I also use a variety of hardware synthesizers for live performance, including a modular Eurorack synthesizer, an Octatrack mkII, a Roland TR-8s, and a Nord Rack 2x.

In theory, I have learned how to play piano and guitar, but I am not proficient.

I enjoy all kinds of music technology, especially synthesizers.


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