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Why Your Movies Aren’t Playing On Your Stream In Trigger Fyre

Trigger Fyre is a pretty nice tool to fire off image macros on your stream. You can link it to a stream redemption and make images appear that are fun for your viewers.

There are a pretty large number of tutorials for how to step up Trigger Fyre with your stream. I won’t go through that in detail. I want to talk about about troubleshooting.

Why doesn’t my movie play?

Your movie file isn’t compatible with your browser. (OBS doesn’t support H.265, for example.)

In my case, I was saving MP4 files using H.265 encoding (HEVC). OBS Studio only supports H.264 (AVC). HEVC encodings are higher quality and smaller, but they won’t play in OBS Studio.

OBS Studio uses CEF, which is based off of Chromium. It’s hard to find a list of what movie formats CEF plays, but I’ve confirmed that I can play back MP4 files that are encoded with H.264.

Your cache is out of date. OBS has a way to reset the cache of your current page.

In your browser source properties, refresh the cache of the current page if you change your movie file.

The Super-Fast Guide To Trigger Fyre

If you do want to fire off images or movies using Trigger Fyre for your Twitch stream, here’s my quick text tutorial.

  1. Go to Trigger Fyre and log in to Twitch.
  2. Select the type of file you want to appear from the top.
  3. Add the item (it’s the blue “plus” on the bottom right)
  4. Give it a command name. This is the name that you will use to bring up the file manually (for free)
  5. Click on the circle. There, type the reward name EXACTLY as it appears in Twitch (case-sensitive, with punctuation).
  6. Select the file that you want and upload it from your computer.
  7. Save the trigger.
  8. Go to the pink “link” button (lower corner)
  9. Copy the link.
  10. Create a browser source in OBS.
  11. Paste the link. Save your source. Refresh your cache.
  12. To test the command, type the command name that you gave the item in Step 4 while your OBS preview is opened.

If people want a more detailed tutorial, I can create one but there’s a lot of tutorials out there so I didn’t feel like I had to create a while new one.


How to Reverse Audio in Bitwig 4

Here’s how to reverse audio in Bitwig:

  1. Select the audio clip
  2. Go to the top toolbar and click “Clip”
  3. Select “Reverse”
After selecting the audio clip that you want to reverse, select “Reverse” in the “clip” menu.

Not everything needs to be a five minute YouTube video.