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Some LaTeX Code to Help Track Your Work

Here are a few LaTeX snippets that I am using in my thesis to help me keep track of things.

A Reading Marker to help with ProofReading

I use this to highlight where in my document I’ve managed to edit up to.

% A reading marker, to help proofreading
\providecommand{\readhere}[2]{\texttt{\hl{\emph{#1:} #2}}\\

A “To Do” Marker

This one makes a note in the paragraph margins and marks it with a “TODO”. Some of the code is reused from here.

% Make the fonts small
\renewcommand\marginpar[1]{\-\oldmarginpar[\raggedleft\footnotesize #1]%
{\raggedright\footnotesize #1}}

% Put the margins on the left side

% My TODO macro
\marginpar{\textbf{TODO:} \emph{#1}}%